At Scribe, our design philosophy is rooted in the creation of timeless spaces that not only reflect our clients' distinct personalities but also withstand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of history, we seamlessly meld classic design principles with modern sensibilities.


Scribe Studio specializes in residential projects across Southern California and beyond. Our tailored approach
to each project places a strong emphasis on architectural detailing and technical design, complementing our commitment to interior decoration.

Working closely with our clients, we strive to understand their unique needs, allowing their character and lifestyle to inform our overarching vision in crafting completely custom homes. From initial concept to final completion, we engage in every detail, utilizing our extensive experience, resources, and a distinctive point of view to elevate each project. Collaborating seamlessly with talented architects, builders, and artisans, we ensure a comprehensive and cohesive design process. At Scribe Studio, we are dedicated to bringing expertise, creativity, and a personalized touch
to every project.


Tricia Portelli is the creative leader behind Scribe Studio. Raised in a California home rich with generations of memories, she developed a profound appreciation for the unique sense of place and nostalgia that defines a home.

With a degree in Interior Architecture, Tricia honed her skills alongside esteemed architects and designers, focusing on large-scale, highly customized residential projects and historic renovations. This background laid the foundation for her unmistakable understanding of the importance of detail, materials, proportions, and historical authenticity.
Taking nearly a decade of experience with her, Tricia made the bold move to launch Scribe Studio in 2016. Here, she reimagines tradition to form interiors that are both tasteful and bespoke. Her approach is concept-driven, rooted in a nod to history, and inspired by the unique architecture of each home. Known for her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Tricia ensures that each project authentically embodies her clients’ visions in a way that is both deeply personal and undeniably beautiful.